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The endexx Mission

Endexx is the "Collaboration Corporation". Our mission is to harness the power of talented people through technology, the science of management and the spirit of capitalism to create new businesses and foster the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit. Building businesses with recurring revenue streams and high potential for growth in key sectors is our primary objective. Through the collaboration of highly skilled professionals and its subsidiaries, we will build our shareholders significant value.

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The m3Hub Technology platform harnesses technology designed to operate within the framework of the law. Businesses that desire to operate within the legal confines of the industry will want to utilize the best overall technology solution. m3Hub and its business partners are purveyors of products for enhancing the health and welfare of patients and clients. Protecting the patient/client is the core value and consideration for all functions of the technology and compliance features of the platform.

m3Hub Technology platform is being constructed in an open architecture and modular format allowing the best technology solutions to integrate and maintain adaptability and elasticity in a rapidly expanding business environment.

M3 Hub is further developing technology and solution alliances with companies proven to have the best scientific processes and highest regard for compliance as it pertains to the patient. The m3Hub operates under the premise that protecting the patient is the key to building a sustainable and high integrity industry.

The m3Hub platform manages patient concentric data and incorporates best patient privacy practices, the HiTech Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act), and patient care services. Through verification, privacy, legal and transparent controls, the m3Hub platform will help legitimize the entire transaction process on behalf of the patient.

Project Canopy

Our platform, under construction, Project Canopy, will harness the power of the cloud into a single source "Always On" collaboration tool, by harnessing the power of Endexx's proprietary Visual Board Books™ service with the following technologies and processes: Online Conferencing, Voice over Internet Protocol, Push to Talk, Audio and Video compression, ACT contact management, Outlook, QuickBooks, and Customer Relationship Management. The platform will include Continuous Authentication (biometrics) and will meet SAS70, HIPAA, and Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) 140-2 Level 1 compliance standard protocols.

Project Canopy will arm the virtual human workforce with all the necessary technological tools to perform, compete and thrive in today's ultra competitive global business environment regardless of location. We recognize that the business marketplace has naturally progressed and formed its own highly intuitive networks. Project Canopy will fill the missing link that will allow these networks to collaborate at any time or place in the world in an "Always On" environment.

No longer will teams be constrained by geography or physical location. Project Canopy will provide coworkers and customers a virtual environment to work together as if they were sitting together in the same room. Workforce productivity is increased when employees can operate and access all critical business information anytime, anywhere, and on any connected device (smart phone, computer, tablet or laptop).

Endexx has implemented an initiative to acquire complimentary technology and specialty service corporations to enhance cash flow, asset appreciation and greater shareholder value. We are seeking entrepreneurial companies willing to participate and thrive in the stock market.

Global Solaris Group

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Global Solaris Group logo

Global Solaris Group is an integrator of Renewable Energy Services.

Based in Sedona, Arizona, Global Solaris Group is a full service Renewable Energy power provider and producer for public institutions, corporate clients and electric utilities.

We offer complete turnkey Renewable Energy Power Systems that are professionally engineered for optimum performance by our network of certified installers and renewable energy industry specialists and developers.
We are technology neutral. We approach each project with an eye on delivering the most cost effective technology solution for your unique set of conditions and to help you achieve your financial goals.
Our services include consulting, design & engineering, procurement, installation, monitoring and maintenance.
We offer integrated financing options through power purchase agreements, project finance and lease programs.
We offer quality products at a fair price. We bring to our clients experience, reliability, excellence in delivery and execution while improving your bottom line.
Energy Independence
We help you meet your renewable energy goals while lowering your carbon footprint and lead you towards an energy independent future.
Our key markets are governments, electric utilities, communities, schools, churches, data centers, agriculture, irrigation districts, mining and other remote area operations requiring dependable power systems.

About endexx

Endexx Corporation is a micro-cap publicly traded company, representing the interest of its shareholders and collaborating with independent software developers, scientists, engineers, and other companies to build businesses that can thrive collectively in the equity markets. Endexx's team recognizes that individually small companies with new technologies have an extremely difficult time sustaining themselves as stand-alone companies. Through our collaborative practices, individual and group skill sets are better utilized to develop technology and grow the business, while centralizing costs and eliminating redundancies.

The Endexx Management Team and its advisory group each have at minimum 10-50 years of experience in their respective fields. The business professionals associated with the direction of the company all have experience growing businesses, developing and implementing new technologies and running publicly traded corporations.

Endexx Corporation is ultimately structured to provide a platform for entrepreneurs to thrive, offering maximum return on investment through equity ownership in the parent corporation. Each individual is a shareholder and is encouraged and self-driven to be successful and contribute to the overall objective of increasing shareholder value.


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